So long Zangezi

Well, we no longer have our beloved Zangezi. We couldn’t live with her being in Singapore and not being used, so we decided to sell her while she is still in top condition and another family can take her on their own adventures.

The sale closed today so this will be my last post on this blog. It’s a sad day, but I’m happy that the new owners love her as much as we do. We wish them fair winds and many great adventures.

Our Asia Pacific voyage

As we return to life on land (for a while at least) we have all been thinking about what an amazing adventure we had on our first long distance sailing voyage as a family. I turned 50 last month, and to help me celebrate Robin put together an awesome video of the photos she took from the time of our departure from Brisbane, Australia until our arrival in Singapore.

For now though, the right thing for our family is to hit the pause button and take on some land based adventures. Gavin has high school to finish as he prepares for university. I have some great work opportunities to focus on, and Robin and Lindsay are keeping us all safe, healthy and happy!

There will be more Zangezi adventures for us in the future, we are sure of that. But until then, this chapter is closing and we look forward to beginning the next chapter down the road a ways!

Pacific typhoon season

We’ve been following the progress of typhoon Haiyan pretty closely as it makes it’s way across the islands of Palau and the central Philippine island of Cebu. Both places are on our schedule for the next leg of the voyage. Haiyan has been classed as a Super Typhoon with sustained winds over 200 mph and 45 foot seas. It’s a chilling reminder of the danger of entering these waters at the wrong time of year.

The west pacific typhoon season typically runs from May to December, with the highest risk being May through October. Haiyan’s arrival in November is a reminder that the world’s weather patterns are continuing to change and a considerable safety margin should be added before entering the region.

Our plan is to wait until February before we leave Singapore and travel over to Borneo, Palawan and then on to Cebu. This is not the best time for the prevailing winds, as the NE monsoon will be in effect through April, so we will have some wind against us while traveling east, but it is the safest time in order to avoid typhoons.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those folks in Haiyan’s path.


Tracks of typhoons in the West Pacific in 2013