Our Asia Pacific voyage

As we return to life on land (for a while at least) we have all been thinking about what an amazing adventure we had on our first long distance sailing voyage as a family. I turned 50 last month, and to help me celebrate Robin put together an awesome video of the photos she took from the time of our departure from Brisbane, Australia until our arrival in Singapore.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Crossing the equator!

First time across the equator, and nearing the end of an amazing family adventure!

For now though, the right thing for our family is to hit the pause button and take on some land based adventures. Gavin has high school to finish as he prepares for university. I have some great work opportunities to focus on, and Robin and Lindsay are keeping us all safe, healthy and happy!

There will be more Zangezi adventures for us in the future, we are sure of that. But until then, this chapter is closing and we look forward to beginning the next chapter down the road a ways!

Pacific typhoon season

We’ve been following the progress of typhoon Haiyan pretty closely as it makes it’s way across the islands of Palau and the central Philippine island of Cebu. Both places are on our schedule for the next leg of the voyage. Haiyan has been classed as a Super Typhoon with sustained winds over 200 mph and 45 foot seas. It’s a chilling reminder of the danger of entering these waters at the wrong time of year.

The west pacific typhoon season typically runs from May to December, with the highest risk being May through October. Haiyan’s arrival in November is a reminder that the world’s weather patterns are continuing to change and a considerable safety margin should be added before entering the region.

Our plan is to wait until February before we leave Singapore and travel over to Borneo, Palawan and then on to Cebu. This is not the best time for the prevailing winds, as the NE monsoon will be in effect through April, so we will have some wind against us while traveling east, but it is the safest time in order to avoid typhoons.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those folks in Haiyan’s path.


Tracks of typhoons in the West Pacific in 2013

Civilization again!

After 3 months in Indonesia, we were all quite taken aback by the shock of arriving in downtown Singapore today. We left our beloved Zangezi in the good hands of the kind folks at Nongsa Point Marina to watch over her for us, while we take a short break from cruising, and took the ferry over to Singapore, where we are staying at the Mandarin Orchard Hotel. We said goodbye to low prices, bumpy roads, and challenging food, to perfectly maintained roads, designer boutiques, hi-rise malls with prices to match, and the most amazing food we have had in a good long while! I’ve always loved the food in Singapore, but it has never tasted as good as it did today when we had lunch at a little restaurant just down the street from our hotel! Singapore noodles, black pepper crab, soft shell crab, fresh shrimp and lightly fried fresh vegetables, yum!

Robin and I are celebrating our 23rd wedding anniversary today, so we are ordering room service and a movie for the kids and going to dinner at Landry’s Steak House. Just the two of us! We will be at the hotel in Singapore for a few more days before we fly back to Brisbane.

I probably won’t do much blogging while we are ashore, because let’s face it, life ashore is pretty dull, unless I manage to contract another exotic tropical disease or something (which is always interesting).  But I will start posting again as we firm up the plans for the next leg of the voyage over to the Philippines. In fact we are thinking that we might base the boat in Cebu for a year or more after the kids go back to school, and return frequently to explore the areas around the Philippines, Micronesia and perhaps even Vietnam and China. There’s so much to see in this part of the world that we aren’t ready to sail back to Australia just yet, especially since the sailing conditions in Australia were so crappy! At this point it’s just an idea, and Robin and I need to think through the alternatives before we decide…

In the meantime, if you are looking for news of what we are up to, Robin is very active on Facebook so if you haven’t already you can check out her page here.